Get in the Zone: Spring Planting Ideas

It may not be time to plant yet, but that isn’t stopping us from dreaming about your site’s spring landscape. Quality Care can help you achieve just the right mix of perennials and annuals at your commercial site that will thrive in our unpredictable Midwest climate.

The Best Plants for Zone 5

Perennial Favorites

Image of zone 5 spring flowers, Coreopsis, Milkweed, Bee Balm, Catmint, Hosta

Perennials are like an old friend that shows up every year. We look forward to their familiar smells and colors and they add structure and shape to the landscape. Here are five of our favorite perennials to install at commercial sites:

  1. Coreopsis: This plant makes the list for its textured leaves. It’s also hardy and sun-loving, making it a good fit for our zone.
  2. Milkweed: Monarch butterflies aren’t the only ones who enjoy milkweed. This wildflower offers scented blossoms all summer with almost no maintenance.
  3. Bee Balm: We especially love the Grape Lollipop version of bee balm, which features gorgeous vibrant purple petals. Bonus points for planting flowers that attract pollinators!
  4. Catmint: Don’t be fooled by the name. Catmint isn’t just for cat lovers—it’s great in just about every bed. With cool purplish flowers and a soothing smell, catmint will elevate your beds.
  5. Hosta: People tend to have strong feelings about hostas—either they love them or they hate them. At Quality Care we are pro-hosta because they are hardy and one of few shade-loving plants that can also survive in sunny spots.

Annual Winners

If perennials are old and dear friends, annuals are like the unfamiliar, intriguing people you meet at a summertime concert. Bold, colorful, vibrant—and less permanent than lifelong friends. Here are our top annual picks for Zone 5:

  1. Marigold: You can’t beat marigolds for color or sturdiness. They bloom for months and months and can take every bit of sun and heat July and August throw at them. New hybrids are expanding the color palette beyond yellow and orange.
  2. Petunias: Wave petunias are a favorite way to add a pop of color to a hanging basket or a pot, as they tend to sprawl. Other hybrids mound up, adding fullness and color.
  3. Dianthus: These pink beauties are technically perennials, but our super-cold winters mean they are an annual in our zone. Dianthus will bloom all summer and into fall and don’t mind the sun.
  4. Purple Fountain Grass: This grass is an annual in our zone and is a perfect way to add height to your landscape. It is quick-growing and features showy plumes with green-burgundy stems.

Ready to brighten up your winter days with spring plans? Contact us to start your site plan today.

We’ll Help Your Business Blossom

When the last frost comes, you’ll want to make sure your site is ready to soak up every drop of that spring sunshine. Come spring, our site managers complete a detailed inspection of each site, noting any issues with existing shrubs, trees, or flowers on site. Quality Care’s team of experts will consider the unique needs of your location and suggest plantings that will add to the overall aesthetic and health of your landscape.

The importance of selecting plants that will be hardy and well-suited to the specific light and soil needs of your location is part of the care you’ll receive from Quality Care. We are dedicated to quality, meaning we’ll know what to plant and how to give any on-site flower beds, container gardens, or planters the attention they deserve.

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