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Whether you’re settling into your forever house or just getting cozy for now, your home should be a place where you feel safe and secure. At Quality Care we know the first step in that feeling is establishing deep roots — literally.

Our team is made up of industry-leading and certified arborists who don’t take tree health lightly.

Considering that many tree species can live as long as 200 to 300 years, a thoughtful tree program, designed by our arborists, will ensure that your outdoor space remains an investment that will offer enjoyment and value for decades to come. Our ongoing maintenance program is a thoughtful and specialized plan designed to help your trees reach their full potential. This service includes regular inspections and necessary follow-up care like insect and disease management, mulching, fertilizing, pruning and more.

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Like all plants, trees require certain essential minerals to function and grow. However, soil conditions in our community vary greatly, making the proper selection and use of fertilizer a complex process. In some instances, soils may not contain sufficient nutrients for growth and development. In other instances, the soil may provide everything that is needed, and supplementation will cause the tree harm. Our Quality Care Arborist will arrange to have your soil laboratory tested and give advice on application rates and timing as well as the best blend of fertilizer for each of your trees. We can also feed your shrubs with a granular fertilizer two or three times per year, depending on their specific nutritional needs.


We offer a preventive control that is effective and lasts for up to two years. Our team of arborists can determine if your tree is already compromised and can recommend a treatment program. We can also diagnose and treat for other insect infestations, including Japanese Beetles, Zimmerman Pine Moth, and others.


Trees are vulnerable to a wide range of diseases, many of which are treatable when caught early. We encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as you see something concerning, such as unsightly spots and discoloration on leaves. Quality Care offers prescriptive solutions for disease or insect problems, nutrient deficiencies, or to improve tree health.


Next to watering, pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. It is often necessary to improve tree structure, enhance vigor or maintain safety.

Removing foliage from a tree can have distinct effects on its growth. After pruning, the growth that occurs takes place on fewer shoots, so the new growth tends to be longer and stronger than it would have been without pruning.

Because each cut has the potential to change the growth of a tree, no branch is removed without a good reason. Our team of highly trained arborists will perform the job safely, while determining the type of pruning your trees need to maintain or improve their health, appearance and safety.


With proper maintenance, trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property. Poorly maintained trees, on the other hand, can be a significant liability. Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, is extremely dangerous work. Our climbers and arborists have the experience and equipment to properly perform the task and can make recommendations on a suitable replacement.


A mulch cover of about two to three inches in planted beds will help to preserve moisture, enrich the soil as it breaks down, and help suppress weeds. Properly mulching trees will help retain moisture, moderate temperatures in the root zone, and keep mowers away. It looks great too! We keep a supply of double-processed shredded hardwood bark mulch in a natural dark brown color, and dark brown dyed mulch for pickup, delivery, or we can install it for you.


We provide the clean-up and removal of leaves and seasonal debris from beds, lawns, curbs, and building entrances.

We offer gutter inspection and cleaning, keeping them free of leaves and other debris. Regular maintenance reduces the chance of leaks and pest infestation.



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